At MadeForMe, we love technology innovations, through which we want to make life easier and better. We see too many problems in the custom-making business, such as low quality, high price, limited variety, the barrier of minimum order quantity, and long turnaround time, etc. We are determined to solve these problems, and redefine custom-making.

As it is known, the so-called custom-making is actually still assembly line production, but added with some customized printing or embroidery. In our view, custom-making should not stop at printed or embroidered logos and texts. Instead, making shall be customizable per design, size, material, body build and physiological conditions. It may sound unbelievable, but it is becoming feasible with the integration of information technology with the manufacturing industry. Partnering with hundreds of innovative manufacturers worldwide, MadeForMe is proudly pioneering in the newly defined custom-making - the future of manufacturing.

In redefining custom-making, MadeForMe brings together factories and consumers through convenience stores, in a way that profoundly changes the traditional retail and supply chain. Convenience stores are a key part in the ecosystem of MadeForMe. MadeForMe provides its partner convenience stores with technology, supply chain, and geological exclusivity, to ensure that these convenience stores be successful.