What is the new retail?

The new retail is a new concept that is becoming popular. Simply speaking, the new retail is a new way retail, integrating ecommerce with brick-and-mortar retail. It’s believed that the new retail is the future of retail.  

Can my store embrace the new retail without heavy investment?

No, if you go with a traditional IT approach. Yes, if you go with MadeForMe.

How can MadeForMe help me embrace the new retail without any new investment?

MadeForMe offers ecommerce technology and custom-making design studio for free. MadeForMe also offers other technologies for free, helping you grow into a successful player in the new retail.

How can you make money if you offer your technology for free?

We work closely with manufacturers, and we get our fair share from them.

Can I have my own domain name?

Yes, you can have your own domain name, besides having a MadeForMe customizable subdomain name.

Can I have multiple websites selling MadeForMe products?

Yes. For example, you can have a website selling your store products, while you can have one or several websites selling MadeForMe products. Or, you can have one website selling both your store products and MadeForMe products.

Through redefining the custom-making industry and helping shaping Industry 4.0, MadeForMe offers tens of thousands of custom-made products customers love.