If you are a convenience store owner, you can make money with us. It’s easy. Just sign up for free, and we will provide you with a first-class website with tens of thousands custom-made products. It’s a turn-key website, you don’t need to know about coding or maintaining a website. You don’t need to carry any inventory. MadeForMe offers free support and all kinds of resources so that you can successfully operate a great ecommerce website. 

What MadeForMe does for you for free:
  • A first-class ecommerce website with tens of thousands of custom-made products for sale;
  • Resources on how to run a successful online business, and how to integrate it into your store to maximize your profit; and
  • Order fulfillment.

What you shall do to make money:
  • Market your website by simply presenting a poster in your store, and saying a word or two on your social media; and
  • Receive products at your store for your customers to pick up.

There are lots of benefits to partner with MadeForMe.

  • Say bye to squeezed margins. The global factory direct supply chain cuts out the middlemen, and custom-making adds more value. So you can have high margins while keeping prices low.
  • Enjoy exclusivity & avoid fierce competition. At a time when competition remains high, geographic exclusivity protects your benefits as a partner, and gives you an edge over other stores in your traditional business.
  • Get prepared for the “new retail”. The “new retail” is the future of retail, integrating ecommerce with brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to a new revenue source, MadeForMe offers you the ecommerce technology for free.
  • Team up with leaders of Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing, in which Custom-making is a crucial part. Hand in hand with MadeForMe, you work with world leaders of Industry 4.0.

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