Get prepared for the “new retail”

While brick-and-mortar retail stores are being more and more challenged by ecommerce, cashier-free convenience stores like Amazon Go are coming. With Amazon owning Whole Foods now, traditional retail is under the biggest pressure ever. How retailers adapt to these new developments and trends in retail will determine how well they can survive in the future. Convenience stores must evolve to survive. It is no longer a question of adapting or not, it’s a question of how.

The “new retail” is the future of retail, integrating ecommerce with brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to a new revenue source, MadeForMe offers you the ecommerce technology for free. Coupling with other technologies, MadeForMe will enable your store to implement an omni-channel sales strategy, integrate your online store with your physical store, and foster personalized, pluralistic and participative consumption. Below are what MadeForMe can do for you to help you ride with the new retail trend:
      ● a free website optimized for all devices, with tens of thousands of custom-made products for sale;
      ● a free website optimized for all devices and integratable with eBay and Amazon, where you can list and sell products in your physical store;
      ● the option of having one website and two websites;
      ● integration with your current inventory management system through API calls, at a minimal cost;
      ● resources and marketing materials you can use to market your store on your social media, in your physical store, and through other channels you have;
      ● traffic conversion between your online store and physical store;
      ● expanding the definition of “convenience” by offering more product categories and services, and breaking the limits your store has because of the population at your location and the number of your existing SKUs.

Become a MadeForMe Partner Store

C-stores don’t have to be limited by the traditional “convenience.”

Through redefining the custom-making industry and helping shaping Industry 4.0, MadeForMe offers tens of thousands of custom-made products customers love.